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After Night FallsAccompany inspector Roussieau to catch a burglar. The game developer Betsoft really knows how to capture a mysterious atmosphere. You’re standing in a dark alley and you hear jazz music in the background. But at the same time the characters in this game are also funny. The burglar is a bit clumsy and the inspector has a typical investigative gaze. While playing this slot game there is a lot going on in the background. As we spin the reels the inspector grabs his magnifying glass and examines the symbols. A granny is waving at you from her window and suddenly a cat jumps on a container in the alley. After Night Falls also has many bonus features that you can activate like: Free Spins Scatter, Moving Wilds, 5 Rooms Click Me and more.

Investigate with inspector Roussieau

We always like to see that a game developer has it’s own unique style, Betsoft has that. Each round when we win a prize, we see that symbol showing a short video clip. That sort of thing really contributes to the story of the game. You can however also choose to disable this option, if you want to bring some more speed to the game. During our review, we occasionally see some funny things happening in the background. The clumsy burglar is hiding behind the car and inspector Roussieau just does not see him. Or when the inspector is delving into the trash container to examine it more closely.

The buttons to change settings and betting amounts are different than we are accustomed to. Normally, these buttons have a rather simple look. With After Night Falls this is different, the buttons to change settings and betting levels are completely incorporated into the theme. Both color and font, a disadvantage is that it is tucked away so well that it becomes a little more difficult to get a clear view. The same actually goes for the betting amounts. We do not really get a clear view what we are betting in general currency, only in game credits. This is a disadvantage, because it is of course an essential part of a slots game.

After Night Falls scatter winWhen we look at the bet settings there is the possibility to set the coin value, number of paylines and bet per line. With the After Night Falls slot you can play up to 30 paylines. A nice extra feature is the Double Up option, every time we win we can choose to play heads or tails against inspector Roussieau. There is an animation of the inspector at his desk and we can choose whether it is heads or tails. Note that this means that you double your win but you can also lose it.

Packed with bonus features

After Night Falls is really packed with bonus features. Earn free spins with Free Spins Scatters. The symbol of the wanted poster with the burglar and a police badge brings you to the office of the detective. Here you can win prizes with free spins, you can also turn the random multiplier symbol. This can multiply your winnings by 2 to 10 times. Starting from 3 Scatter symbols you get into the bonus round, this gives you 10 spins. 4 symbols 15 spins and 5 symbols 25 free spins!

Moving Wilds is a feature which is activated by turning a symbol of a magnifying glass. Moving Wilds provides free spins while the magnifying glass is displayed. Each game round it will move one reel to the left until the last reel is reached. Then you will receive one more free spin. This symbol is only active in the base game and not in the different bonus rounds.

After Night Falls bonus features

Now we are going to talk about our favorite feature: 5 Rooms Click Me. To activate this bonus round you need to have 3 or more symbols of the burglar. Choose a door where the burglar may enter, the exciting thing is that you never know in advance what prize money he will get you. You can select rooms until you see the button Collect. Click it and receive your stolen loot!

It’s time to start stacking with Stacked Collapsing Wins. If you spin a full reel with the same symbols an extra credit is distributed. With this you can create a combination of 3 symbols. The reel that shows the same symbols will collapse as a single symbol. This means there is space for 2 other symbols that can occupy this position. To use Stacked Collapsing Wins you have to play 30 paylines.

In the main bonus round of After Night Falls suddenly you’re on the other side of the story. You are not playing the thief like the 5 Rooms Click Me feature. No.. now you need to solve a burglary. If you spin 3 symbols of the granny on reel 1, 3 and 5 you get into the main bonus round. Someone broke into the home of grandmother and you and inspector Roussieau have to solve this. Search for clues of the intrusion, you will be rewarded for every clue you can find. Grab your magnifying glass and watch carefully!

Summary table After Night Falls

Software developer Betsoft
Supported on mobile devices Yes
Release date Januari 2013
Payout Percentage RTP (?) 97,27%
Volatility / variance (?) Low
Features (?) Moving Wilds, Free spins, 5 Rooms Click Me, Stacked Collapsing Wins and another bonus round
Roles / pay-lines (?) 5 / 30
Min. / Max. bet 60p up to £75
Coin value 0,02 up to 1
Betting levels (?) 1 up to 5
Max. prize £1250



After Night Falls is a fun slot game that certainly is worth a try. An attractive theme with fun characters. There are many different bonus features, it is fun to play for both the burglar and the inspector. The only drawback that we have encountered is the slightly chaotic placement of buttons to change settings and betting levels. In addition, it is not immediately clear what the size of our bets our in regular currency. All together it is certainly fun and recommended to join a night shift with inspector Roussieau.

  • Graphics & sound 8.5
  • Features 9
  • Usability 6
  • Bet options 7
  • Originality 8
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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