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Let me guess, it all sounds so great, you just can’t decide between the classic 3 reel slots and the modern multiple reel slots, right? Well, we may just have a solution for you with these games. They not only have a classic look about them, but they blend elements of earliest conception, such as simple Nintendo/Sega-like graphics & classic symbols (fruits, Red-7s, BARs, Bells), with more modern gaming elements like multiple reels/paylines, complicated bonus features, and special symbols. Old and new are beautifully combined in Yggdrasil’s Jokerizer. This slot utilizes classic 3 reel slot symbols with a 5 reel, 10-payline game design. This slot, and others in this category, do a brilliant job of perfectly blending nostalgia with entertainment. Still can’t decide? Read up on these slots to help you make the right decision for the best gaming experience.

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