Common Mistakes That Casino Players Make


With hundreds of online casino options available today, there are some common pitfalls that are easy to avoid if you know what to look for. Informed players are the most successful players. Before rushing in, arm yourself with a bit of knowledge to avoid painful regrets!

Registering Without Knowing the Full Range of Casino Games Offered
Once you have verified that an online casino is credible, don’t forget to check the casino game categories and providers. It can be a frustrating experience to complete registration only to realize that some of your favorite table and slot games are unavailable.

New CasinoBeing the First to Play at a New Casino
A brand-new casino is not automatically a bad choice, however, it is an untested one. Understand that when researching a brand-new online casino there will be no customer feedback to forewarn against sketchy customer service, slow payouts or reneged bonuses. However, players can still verify the licensing nr. which is the most important precaution in choosing a casino.

Terms and ConditionsSigning up Before Reading up
With so many online casinos, you really do have the opportunity to choose the most competitive option. Always read the Terms and Conditions before making a final decision. Some casinos offer no transaction fees for deposits/withdrawals. Others offer wagering requirements as low as 30x. Excellent Customer Service is an often overlooked gem that can prevent a lot of frustration in the future. If Progressive Jackpots are your passion, read up on the payout terms. Some casinos will pay a lump sum and others will pay out a percentage on a weekly basis. Go in with both eyes open.

Choosing a Casino Without Researching First
Another common error people make is registering at an online casino without researching a bit first. This opens you up to falling prey to ‘rogue casinos.’ Rogues are the stuff of every casino player’s nightmares notoriously swindling unsuspecting customers with false bonuses, an illegitimate license number, delayed or withheld payouts, and randomly issued terms and conditions that place things squarely in the casino’s favor (making up rules as they go). Taking 5 minutes to verify a licensing number and read customer/professional reviews is a small price to pay to prevent being swindled.

Opting In to Promotions Without Reading the Fine Print
Often times, promotions are hyped with loosely defined terms such as ‘free cash’ or ‘free spins.’ Always read the terms and conditions portion of each and every promotion to understand just how ‘free’ everything really is. Many times, ‘free cash’ is synonymous with ‘bonus cash.’ What is the difference? Bonus cash usually has a wagering requirement attached meaning players cannot withdraw it until certain play through requirements have been met. Free spins also usually require that the winnings have a wagering requirement attached. Of course, some casinos do offer ‘free cash’ promotions that literally mean ‘real cash’ with no wagering requirement attached.  SlotsDaily will always clarify that for you when sharing casino promotions. Instead of ‘free cash’ we use the term ‘bonus cash,’ and the wagering requirements will always be shared with you.

VampirePicking a Slot Just Because You Like Vampires
There are several fun themes to choose from when looking for the perfect slot to play. While it is important to follow your interests, prioritizing the mechanics of design over the art style can make for the most enjoyable slot experience. Use professional reviews to compare slots with similar themes for the best experience. A Progressive, higher risk, high volatility slot will award infrequent, larger wins. A Non-progressive, lower risk, low volatility slot will award more frequent, smaller wins. Both offer different experiences even if they happen to share a common theme.

Budget & Time LimitNot Sticking To a Personal Budget & Time Limit
Particularly when hitting the slots, it is important to have a game plan in place. Giving in to the temptation to chase losses can result in compounding those losses. Slots are about as random as a lottery or raffle, so, there is no guarantee that continuing will recoup anything lost. Another strong temptation is to continue playing after the time limit is up. It is easy to get caught up in the fun and spend much more than you originally intended. Stick to your plan for the best overall slot experience!


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