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(16-07-2016) Important notice: The game developer Odobo, responsible for this online slot announced their very, difficult decision to close their business for good. See more online slots from other developers.

Extinction slotWe go back in time to the prehistoric era, the period of dinosaurs. We hear thrilling music and occasionally a growling dinosaur, welcome to the Extinction slot from Odobo. The dinosaur theme of this slot is visible in every element of the game. For example, we see a background with prehistoric plants and high mountains. This slot game has symbols with known dinosaurs such as the Triceratops, Apatosaurus, Velociraptor and more dinosaurs from the prehistoric times. At every spin we hear the dinosaurs pounding while the reels come to a stop. Extinction also offers a bonus round where you will be rewarded with free spins. Great balls of fire turn symbols into Wilds during this apocalyptic scene. This bonus round can yield some decent prizes. With this Extinction slot you can win up to 250x your bet!

Step into the world of dinosaurs

Step into the world of dinosaurs, Odobo knows how to set the right ambience. The symbols have images of familiar dinosaurs and the buttons and edging appear to be made of rocks. The exciting music and dinosaur sounds contribute to a fun gaming experience. Extinction has 20 pay lines and 5 reels. There are a total of 11 different symbols that are mainly known from museums and the silver screen. A handy option of this slot is that you have the ability to adjust the size of the screen. When you click on the icon with the 2 slanting arrows you adjust the size of the game. Play in full screen or leave some more space for the prehistoric landscape. Normally you do not wish for an Apocalypse, with Extinction you do! During the Apocalypse bonus round the landscape and symbols turn dark, and there is a shower of flaming meteors.

Options and Settings

With Extinction you have the ability to control the music sounds and effects separately. Additionally, you can adjust the volume of these 2 sources separately. Because of the thrill of this game it is of course possible that you forget the time. The game developer Odobo has found a solution, the Session Timer. With this option you can set how long you want to play this online slot. When the time has elapsed, you will receive a notification. This will ensure that you do not play more than you had in mind. In the same menu you can also find the option Session Statistics. It states exactly how long you have played in your session and what your total bet was. For every budget there is a suitable bet. You have the ability to set you bet per line by 0.01 up to 2 pound. You can also set the number of lines which want to bet simultaneously from 1 up to 20 paylines. With the button Total Bet you can change with one click the minimum bet from 0.20 to 40 pound.

Extinction bonus roundBonus features

The most fun feature of Extinction is the Apocalyptic bonus round. If you turn 3, 4 or 5 Free Spins symbols you activate this bonus round. The slot is going to shake and the surroundings and symbols are getting darker. Depending on the number of symbols you turned, you will receive 8, 12 or 20 free spins! While the reels start spinning automatically, flaming meteorites fall from the sky. This is one of those few moments that you should be happy about crashing meteorites. If a meteorite touches a symbol it turns into a Wild. This means that this symbol can count for every other symbol. Extinction also has Wild symbols in the base game, they are in the form of a dinosaur skeleton.

Summary table Extinction

Software developer Odobo
Supported on mobile devices Yes
Release date April 2015
Payout Percentage RTP (?) 95,15%
Volatility / variance (?) Low
Features (?) Free spins, Wilds
Roles / pay-lines (?) 5 / 20
Min. / Max. bet 20p up to £40
Coin value 0,01 up to 2
Betting levels (?) 1 up to 20 lines
Max. prize 250x your bet

Eradication win


This is the first game we have tested from the slots developer Odobo, we are actually pleasantly surprised. The theme of dinosaurs is beautifully executed, it is reflected into the background and various symbols. The Apocalyptic bonus round with falling meteorites is a great idea. We also appreciate the unique settings that we do not see very often. Such as, for example, setting a time limit and the ability to see the session statistics. The only disappointing thing is the limited number of variations in the bonus features. There are no Stacked Wilds or Random Wilds, like we see in Razortooth. Try your luck with this slot game. Make sure you’re there on time, before you know it, the dinosaurs are extinct!

7.5 Beautifully designed dinosaur theme, this slot offers extended options and settings
  • Graphics & sound 8
  • Features 7
  • Usability 8
  • Bet options 8
  • Originality 6.5
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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