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Game of Thrones slot reviewThe TV series Game of Thrones is a great success. The series is based on the book “A son of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin. Especially for fans of this HBO series, we have some good news, did you know that there is a Game of Thrones themed slot? Game developer Microgaming Quickfire really did a good job reflecting the right atmosphere of Game of Thrones with these online slots. The symbols of this game have names of kingdoms from the series like: Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen. Also the music from producer Ramin Djawadi will be familiar to the fanatic of the series. This slot offers 5 reels and 243 paylines. There are several bonus features added such as Wilds, Free Spins and a Gamble Trail. Several known video clips of Game of Thrones are added. With this game there is a jackpot prize of € 121,500 waiting for you!

Slots based on movies and series

We’ve seen it before with the Gladiator slot, films and TV series are very suitable for online slots themes. Especially if there is great attention for the smaller details. Once we start playing we immediately see that there is much detail when it comes to the graphical design. In the background we see an image of the famous throne of the series, made of hundreds of swords. Everything fits well with the theme of the Game of Thrones series, even the buttons and other small details. In addition to the symbols of the kingdoms we also see the letters A, K, Q, J which are used more often in other games. While playing we notice that the developer used the extended version of the intro song of the series. One of the few times that the background music does not get boring very quickly. Once we make a winning combination the music speeds up to make it even more exciting. The Game of Thrones slot has 2 versions, both from Microgaming, the difference is in the number of paylines. 15 paylines and 243 paylines, we advise you to choose the version with 243 paylines. The jackpot prize is bigger and you have even more chance to spin a winning combination.


Let’s start with the most important, the bet settings. With the Game of Thrones slot you can adjust the Coin Size and the number of Coins you want to bet simultaneously. There is a difference in the maximum Coin Size you can set in the various online casinos. At 32Red we found the greatest diversity. The minimum bet is 30 pence per spin, with the Coin Size and the number of Coins this can be increased up to a maximum bet of 30 pound per spin. What strikes us is that the maximum bet is lower than with some other slots of this brand.

By clicking on your casino balance you can switch between displaying Credits or Coins. This Game of Thrones slot also has an Autoplay feature. Click on 10, 25, 50 or 100x to spin that number of rounds automatically with your current bet setting. You can also choose to change the settings in this option, click Autoplay > Custom. Click on Win to view the top 5 highest prizes you’ve won.

Win free spins or test your luck with the Gamble Trail

Free SpinsIf you spin 3, 4 or 5 symbols of the famous throne, you can choose one of the following bonus rounds that you can activate: The 1st option is Baratheon, you get 8 free spins with a Multiplier of 5x that will multiply your winnings. The Baratheon symbol is stacked with 3. If you choose the 2nd option Lannister you will receive 10 spins with a Multiplier of 4x. The Lannister symbol is stacked with 4. Stark rewards you with 14 spins, 3x Multiplier and 5 stacked symbols. Targaryen offers the most free spins, 18 rounds. The Multiplier is lowered to 2x, 6 Targaryen symbols are stacked. This bonus round can also be reactivated, your current bet will be used.


Gamble FeatureWhen you spin a winning combination you can choose to keep the money in your casino balance. However, you can also test your luck with the Gamble Trail feature. It is actually quite simple, if for example, you win £ 12 you can click on the Gamble button. This will activate the Gamble Trail with 4 stops, The 3 Eyed Raven, White Walker, Dire Wolf and Dragon. At each stop on the map, you have the choice of heads or tails. If you make the right choice your winnings will be doubled to £ 24 and you will see a short video clip. You can choose to move to the next location or you can choose to take your winnings. You can double your winnings but you also risk losing it if you choose wrong.

Summary table Game of Thrones 243 ways and 15 payline versions

Software developer Microgaming
Supported on mobile devices Yes
Release date December 2014
Payout Percentage RTP (?) 94% and 95%
Volatility / variance (?) Avarage
Features (?) Gamble Trail, Free spins, Wilds, and Multipliers
Roles / pay-lines (?) 5 / 243 or 5 / 15
Min. / Max. bet £0,30 up to £30 of £0,15 up to £37,50
Coin value 0.01 up to 0.10 of 0.01 up to 0.25
Betting levels (?) 1 up to 10
Max. prize £121.500 with 243 ways or £75.000 with 15 paylines



This slot based on Game of Thrones fits graphically and musically very well with the eponymous TV series from HBO. Fans of the series will probably receive this game with great enthusiasm. Nice that this game also features some video clips of the series. You can also influence some of the gameplay by choosing to use the Gamble Trail and the various free spins bonus rounds, where you are the one making the decisions. Are there any criticisms? Yes, there is one drawback, the maximum bet is 30 pound. For the high roller this will be somewhat too low, but as an alternative they can choose one of the other slots. For most people this is not a restriction. Experience it for yourself, go on an mythical adventure and win up to £ 121.500!

7.4 Graphics and music fit well with the eponymous TV series | Choose whichever free spins
  • Graphics & Sound 8
  • Features 8.5
  • Usability 7.5
  • Bet Options 7
  • Originality 6
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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