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Jokerizer reviewJokerizer is a 3D video slot game released in 2013 by the award winning gaming company Yggdrasil. One of the first online slot games of its kind from the company, it is non-progressive and available to play on any computer and/or mobile device. Its sleek graphics and smooth gameplay make for a fun carnival casino experience overall without the inconvenience of actually going to the casino. In fact, its availability online and on mobile devices allows it to be enjoyed right from the comfort of your home, on the commute to work, or anywhere you can connect to the internet.

Another Yggdrasil success

Jokerizer has a glitzy casino sparkle to the symbols set against the backdrop of a seemingly abandoned carnival just at dusk. Soft carnival music plays in the background. Jokerizer offers 10 paylines half of which go right to left and the other half left to right doubling the player’s chances to win. The slot symbols are organized in 3-row 5-reel formation. With a maximum payout of 6,000 coins (£12.000) and an RTP of 98.0%, this slot is competitive among others of its kind despite its lack of free spins and wilds offered in several competing online slot games such as Starburst or Bloopers. Maximum payout of 6,000 sounds low, but keep in mind that is coins, £12.000 is the cash prize.

Betting Options are limited to 5 possible bets, allowing for a moderately flexible betting range at LeoVegas with the minimum bet of £1.00 and maximum bet of £20.00. Admittedly, the minimum option has the potential to disappoint a player with a smaller budget. This slot is geared more toward a “high roller” if you will. Coin values correlate directly with cash values (i.e. 2.00 coins equals £20.00). If you were to get the jackpot of 6,000 coins, that would amount to £12,000. Wins and the total balance can be found in the lower right corner whereas coin values and cash bets are in the lower left making it easy for players to keep track of wins, losses, and bets.

There are 7 symbols with varying values. The Scatter Joker symbol will appear only in reels 2 through 4.  Jokers are the key to Mystery Wins. The remaining 6 symbols are “Regular” symbols. The Pink Star is the most valuable followed by the Red-7, Golden Bell, Grapes, Lemons, and Cherries (weakest.) For specific values, see the table below. For a win, 3 symbols need to align starting from the left or the right (reel 1 or 5). Each win has the potential to trigger an option to play in Bonus Jokerizer Mode.

Auto Play and advanced settings

Jokerizer has an Auto Play feature that can be set from 10 to infinity spins. There is an advanced option to stop autoplay if cash increases or decreases to an amount set manually by the player and/or when Jokerizer Mode finishes. If a player opts not to impose any governor, the game can theoretically run until there is a zero balance or the player’s computer shuts down.

A useful advanced settings option gives the player the chance to view the total balance in coins or cash (for easier tracking). Also, there is the option to collect automatically when that balance reaches a specific amount set by the player. In addition, sound and spin speed are adjustable, so if you find the carnival music annoying, you are free to turn it off. Adjustable speed lets players choose faster speeds that allow for smoother, more efficient gameplay. Slower speeds are for players that enjoy taking in the glitz and glam (a more traditional slot experience).

Mystery Wins in the Jokerizer Mode

Jokerizer modeA Mystery Win can be awarded during Normal Mode or Jokerizer Mode. 3 Jokers yielded in a spin are necessary in Normal Mode for a Mystery Win. Jokers can only show up on reels 2, 3, and 4. If they show up on all 3 of those reels in the same row or diagonally across all 3 rows, the 6,000 coin jackpot is awarded.

Jokerizer Mode is triggered randomly Mystery Winafter a win. This mode is uniquely original to Yggdrasil and makes up for a lack of free spins and wilds by significantly improving the RTP when compared to Regular Mode. In addition to improved RTP, only 2 Jokers are necessary to gain a Mystery Win (20-6,000 coins) as opposed to 3 in Regular Mode (1,000-6,000 coins). Each win adds to the Jokerizer Mode balance which is then used to play in Jokerizer Mode. The cost is 20 coins per spin and the coins per any win range from 20-6,000 coins.

Summary table Jokerizer

Software developer Yggdrasil
Supported on mobile devices Yes
Release date December 2013
Payout Percentage RTP (?) 98%
Volatility / variance (?) Low to average
Features (?) Mystery wins and Jokerizer mode
Roles / pay-lines (?) 5 / 10
Min. / Max. bet £1 up to £20
Coin value 0,10 up to 20
Max. prize £12.000


Who is this slot game best suited for?

If the betting range fits in your budget, this game has the RTP and increased Jokerizer Mode odds to make it worthwhile. Unfortunately, there isn’t as much flexibility with betting options which may turn off players. Despite that, this is a visually engaging game with a competitive jackpot for a non-progressive online slots game and the promise of favorable odds.

6.8 -
  • Graphics & Sound 7.6
  • Features 6.3
  • Usability 7
  • Bet Options 7
  • Originality 6
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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