Play Online Slots Responsibly

Empty WalletPlay online slots responsibly. For most people, playing online slots is a fun form of entertainment. It also happens that some players develop an addiction. We from SlotsDaily think it’s important that people play online slots in a responsible manner so that it will remain a fun and exciting experience.

We have prepared some guidelines to help you avoid addiction. On this page, you will also find a link to GambleAware® where you can go if you need help with a gambling addiction.

Preventing an Addiction

▪ Agree with yourself on what maximum amount you want to spend and stick with that.
▪ Do not play overly extensive sessions. For example, take a break after 1.5 hours or choose to continue playing the next day, week or longer. The online casinos on this site offer you the opportunity to place restrictions on your account by closing it temporarily or permanently. To activate these restrictions you can contact the support department at the online casino.
▪ It’s not smart to borrow money to play online slots. If you have no money or cannot miss it, then don’t play.
▪ Did you win money? Well done! Maybe it’s a good idea to lay it aside instead of wagering it all again.
▪ It is illegal to play when someone is under 18 years of age.

Searching for Help?

If you are unable to keep yourself under control, then maybe you have a gambling addiction. To read more about this subject and to seek help, we recommend that you contact GambleAware®.

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