Casino address recommendations

Grosvenor Casino Bury New Road
Address: 2 Bury New Road, Manchester, M8 9SG
Phone: +44 161 831 6370
Hours: Open 24 hours
Entrance Fee: Free
Age Limit: 18+

Admiral Casino Salford
Address: 9 Union Terrace, Salford, M7 4ZH
Phone: +44 161 740 2367
Hours: Monday to Wednesday 9am – 12am, Thursday to Saturday 24 hours, Sunday 12am – 10pm
Entrance Fee: Free
Age Limit: 18+

Genting Casino Salford
Address: Cromwell Road, Castle Irwell, Salford, M6 6DA
Phone: +161 792 3794
Hours: Open 24 hours
Entrance Fee: Free
Age Limit: 18+

Casino Diversity

Salford is very close to Manchester, but still has a great night life and attracts many people from the area. There are many different entertainment options available when you go on a night out in Salford, including the many casinos in the area. One casino in the area where you can go for a full night out is the Grosvenor Casino on Bury New Road. This has an on-site grill restaurant, as well as a lovely bar area and if you are looking for somewhere to head for the night, this is a great place to go. If you are looking for a place to head with a group of friends, this place looks ideal.

Video Slots

Video slots are very popular with those who like to play games inside casinos. The machines that you play video slots on are very advanced now and these machines are loaded up with many different games, allowing you to play on just one machine. You will find the latest games on the machines in the Admiral Casino Salford, a great place to play video slots and somewhere that you will find all your favourite video slot games. Try your luck at different themed slots, for example the Great 88 to get a taste of Asia or for those with a sweet tooth will certainly enjoy the so called Sunset delight with its main theme being icecream.

Jackpot Slots

The big jackpots that are available in casinos are a big draw and many people love playing for them. After all, it only takes one lucky spin to win big in a casino if you are on a big jackpot game. You can try your luck at different ones to change up the fun, like the classic Cleopatra mega jackpot or the adventurous Good girl, Bad girl slot. One place in Salford where you will find these games is the Genting Casino Salford, they have many big jackpots available to win. If this is what you look for in a casino then you are sure to enjoy your night in Salford.

Fruit Machines

You will find all the biggest and best classic casino games on the fruit machines in Salford. If you enjoy playing these machines then you are going to love the casinos in Salford. The best thing about these machines is that you don’t need to leave the machine to play a different game, simply choose what game you want to play, and when you are done pick another one. This gives you a great gaming experience and from the comfort of one chair and one machine.