Selecting Slots Based on RTP Percentage


Slots RTP PercentageEach week, we write slot reviews that include the Return to Player (RTP) percentage. All of the RTP percentages from our reviews are listed below for your convenience, so that you can choose a slot title which, on average, pays out the most. We will regularly update this list, so check back often.

What is RTP Percentage?

What does RTP percentage mean? Game developers regularly test their online slots to check what their games pay out on average. This is done by independent organizations such as iTech Labs. Slots are tested for statistical randomness, unpredictability and to verify that no patterns are repeated. This all happens within a period of 1 to 3 weeks, spinning hundreds of millions of rounds, to ensure a reliable figure. Game developers use the term ‘Return to Player’ (RTP) for the outcome of these tests expressed as a percentage rate. Online casinos are required to test their online slots if they want to receive a gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

RTP is most useful to players that focus on facts and figures such as how high the jackpot is and what RTP percentage is offered, as opposed to players that look for slots that appeal to them mainly in terms of graphics and bonus features. The percentages listed above allow players to see just how each slot compares in terms of Return to Player.

Variance or volatility

Variance or volatilityThe RTP percentage is not the only significant pay out data important to consider when selecting a slot to play. The variance / volatility gives information about risk. You can divide online slots into categories of low, medium or high variance / volatility. If you select a slot in the category of low volatility, then you will probably often win a cash prize, but the value of those prizes will be relatively low. On the other side of the coin, if you select an online slot that falls into the category of high variance, then you will win infrequently, but when you win, it will probably be big! Average variance slots fall somewhere in between these two categories. Click on any of these titles to find out which category each slot falls into. This information can be found in the summary table. Keep in mind that the RTP percentage has been scientifically proven, however, volatility / variance is often based on the personal experience of players.


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