Tips and myths

Winning big at slots and preferably as soon as possible, let’s be honest isn’t that what everybody wants! But to really use your chances of winning well, it is wise to know more about how slots work..

On this page we have listed the most important tips. We also debunk some familiar myths about slots.

Random numbers

I think everyone is still familiair with these good old slots with many mechanical parts. The modern online slots have a slightly different operation. The software that is responsible for determining a win or loss is the random number generator. You can compare it a bit to a lottery. When you click on the play button, the system will check if your random number of that gambling session corresponds to one of the numbers which relates to a win or loss. This will all happen very quickly while you watch the animation of the reels that move. Next you will get an instant reply from the random number generator with 3 or 5 reels that come to a stop and perhaps pay a big prize!

It is important to realize that you have no influence in the outcome of the game. So there is no strategy or golden tip that can give your guaranteed profit. Fortunately, because this means that slots are a fair game of chance.

Tip 1: Look at the numbers

Online slots come in many different varieties. Before you start playing, it is good to look at the return to player rate (RTP). This is the average percentage that is paid back to the player. We have this percentage specified in the summary table of every review.

Are you looking for a slot with a low risk on which you can win many but small prizes? Or are you willing to take more risk with the chance of a big jackpot prize? By asking yourself this beforehand you will not be taken by surprise. We also show this risk in the form of volatility / variance at every slot on our review pages.

Tip 2: Do not be fooled by sounds and sparkling animations

Did you win a prize? Great! But always note the exact amount you have won. This will give you a better idea if you really are winning, or that it only appears that way. Online slots are often colorful with sparkling animations and sounds when you win a prize. However, sometimes the amount that you have won is not that high in relation to what you bet. At the bottom of each slot you can read at a glance what your bet is and what you have won.

Tip 3: Choose a budget

Everyone knows the famous casino tip: Leave your plastic cards at home when with you to the casino and choose a budget in advance what you’re willing to spend. With online slots this tip also comes in handy. It is wise to decide in advance what you want to spend. So you afterwords never get a feeling that you have gone beyond yourself.

Slots Myths

We are acting like Mythbusters for a while and bust some myths about slots, because these myths are still very much alive!

  • Myth 1: Slots have predetermined times when they pay when they collected enough money.
    No, each round starts again with equal statistical opportunities. That is because of the random number generator where we spoke about in the first paragraph. So there is no ideal time to play.
  • Myth 2: Online casinos manually set the odds of online slots.
    Online casinos offer the slots of game developers, these slots are often offered in several online casinos. The online casino itself can not make any changes here. In exceptional cases, online casinos also develop games. Thanks to the excellent regulation and monitoring, for example by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), they will not take any of fines or losing their license.
  • Myth 3: If a slot didn’t pay out a lot for a longer period of time, than the chance is higher that this will happen in the next rounds.
    Sounds pretty logical, right? But it is not true, like we mentioned with the first myth: Every game round is completely arbitrary, you can forget about the previous game rounds.

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