Tips to Become a Better Slots Player


slotmachine-laptopA lot of people claim that there are tips and tricks to winning at slots. While that certainly sounds amazing, the reality is that online video slots are about as random as any raffle or lottery. If strategy games are your favorite, it would be better to head on over to the Poker table. While slots can be a lot of fun and some provide the chance to win big, there is no secret gimmick to profiting. That said, understanding key elements such as RNG (Random Number Generator), RTP (Return to Player) and volatility can go a long way in helping you to become a better slots player.

There Is No Such Thing as a ‘Winning Slots Strategy’

Online video slots employ RNG technology that ensures that each and every spin produces a random result. It is important to understand that RNGs are programmed with an algorithm that ensures no strategy can improve a player’s chances to win big. Each spin has the same win potential as the one that came before and after.

Hot & Cold Slots

There is a common myth regarding ‘hot’ & ‘cold’ slots. The idea is that if a slot has not produced a big win after a significant amount of time has passed, then it is guaranteed to produce a big win any moment. Again, online video slots employ RNG technology which ensures the fairness and randomness of each and every spin.

Slots Eat Money Quickly

monsters-eating-moneyThere is a very good reason why most online casinos offer significantly more video slots than any other casino game. Especially when Autoplay is enabled, consecutive wagers can be made in no time at all. 100 spins can go by in a matter of minutes, particularly when a faster game speed is selected. It is easy to burn through your budget in a very short amount of time. Keep that in mind when budgeting. You may find yourself out of money long before you grow tired of playing.

You Got a Big Win – Hooray! Now Walk Away…

Congratulations, Lady Luck has smiled on you! Now, cash out and celebrate. Kick back with your favorite drink and brag to your mates. RTPs give players a general idea of how much of what is wagered will hypothetically be returned. They also plainly show that the House is absolutely guaranteed to win over time. If you continue to play, you are more likely to wind up in the red than in the black.

Don’t Chase Your Losses

This is the other side of the coin. Remember, each and every spin has the same odds of winning. Continuing to play offers no guarantee of recouping losses. Once you have reached your personal limit, it is better to walk away.

Set Personal Limits on Losses

Now that it has been established that slots are designed to randomly award wins and also accept consecutive wagers at a higher speed than any other casino game, it is time to consider setting a personal ‘loss’ limit. It is wise to decide how much to spend BEFORE each session begins. Often, online video slots give advanced Autoplay options that will automatically stop gameplay in the event of a set loss or win amount. This is a great tool that helps players adhere to personal goals.

Theoretical RTP Is Not Necessarily Consistent With Personal Experience

Slots RTP percentagesMany online slots display RTP (Return to Player) right in the game rules or paytable. This number is an average return to player based off of an astronomical number of consecutive spins (1 million or 1 billion). A slot which shows an RTP of 96% will hypothetically give the House a guaranteed profit of 4% over time, and return 96% to players. How close that figure comes to each player’s personal experience depends a lot on the volatility of an online slot. High risk, high volatility slots often offer large Jackpot amounts that inflate the average RTP. If a high volatility (Progressive) slot shows an RTP of 96%, players should expect to generally get less than £96 back for every £100 spent. On the other hand, low risk, low volatility slots often give players more frequent (though lower) wins that bring them closer to the average RTP over time.


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