Casino address recommendations

Coral Bookmakers,
44 Carr Ln, Wigan WN3 5ND, UK,
+44 800 328 4273,

28-30 Mesnes St, Wigan WN1 1QP, UK,
+44 1925 734039,
Open from 9AM – 10PM

William Hill,
165 Poolstock Ln, Wigan WN3 5HW, UK,
+44 870 518 1715,
Open from 830AM – 930PM

When you mention Wigan, not many people will think in the lines of gambling. This is justified though because the town doesn’t have many casinos as compared to the surrounding towns. In fact, there is no single casino found within Wigan. If you have to place your bet, you’ll have to walk down to one of the bookmakers, where there are a handful of slot machines or travel all the way to Bolton.

Casino diversity

The closest you can get the casino experience in Wigan are the different betting shops, located along Wigan Rd, Mesnes St, Poolstock Ln, and Carr Ln. There are plenty of other shops, but we highly recommend the ones located here because of the quality of service delivery as well as the number of games they have to offer.

Video Slots

As far as video slots are concerned, they are the most popular games all over the world, having different names depending on where you come from. In Wigan, fruities are a big business, and all the casinos listed above offer them. The difference, however, is the number of games offered at each casino.
Given that there are no big brands in town, you might want to walk down to William Hill, Betfred, or Coral shops for a chance of playing your favourite game. They might have the best games to offer you, but they remain as the only option for you if you wish to play your favourite slot game.

Jackpot slots

Unfortunately, there are no casinos or gambling establishments that offer jackpot slot games in Wigan. If you travel all the way to Manchester, you can have a better shot of playing the popular jackpot slot games.

Fruit machines

The main difference between video slot games and fruit machines is the ability of the player to nudge or hold the reels to give yourself an advantage.
Once the slot’s reels have started spinning, you sometime have the option of holding them until the next spin, especially if you want to see other symbols and complete winning combinations. Likewise, once the reels have started spinning, the machine can offer you the nudge option, where you can nudge (move) any of the reels in a downward direction.
If you miss any of these exciting, skilled based feature, you can walk into any of the three bookmakers below and enjoy a wide variety of games that offer the mentioned features.