Casino address recommendations

Coral Bookmakers,
96 High St, Woking GU21 4SU, UK,
+44 800 328 4273
Open: 10AM – 10PM

Morris House, 34 Commercial Way, Woking, Guildford GU21 6EN, UK,
+44 800 032 0878
Open: 10AM – 10PM

William Hill,
10/12 Commercial Way, Woking GU21 6ET, UK,
+44 870 518 1715
Open: 10AM – 10PM

I’ve never been to Woking up until I had to write this review. It’s not that of a big town as one would expect but there’s plenty to do especially if you are a spend thrift who enjoys shopping.
Unfortunately for casino goers, this isn’t the best place to visit and if you have plans to try your hand on a slot machine, you’ll either have to visit one of the sports shop or try some of the very few casinos located away from the town.

Casino diversity

Despite the absence of big casino names in Woking, you can still drive to 34 Commercial Way, where a number of bookmakers are located. Betfred would be your best option if you want a variety of other options, though there’s also Coral, William Hill and Ladbrokes – all located not more than 200 meters apart.

Video slots

Ratings and suggestions from the locals will quickly point you to Coral Bookmakers. It’s known to have superior customer service delivery and those looking for a mixed combination of slots and other games can also find theme here.

Jackpot slots

Unfortunately, there aren’t any jackpot games on offer at any of the available bookmakers or local casinos, which specialize in offering party themed events.

Fruit machines

It’s without any doubt that the video slot games offered at both the land based and online casinos are more popular than the traditional fruit machines. They incorporate the latest technology, use crisp graphics and not forgetting to mention the fact that they also have very high payouts.
However, fruit machines remain to be classics and offer the interactive part that the modern slot machine games don’t. For instance, the holds, nudge and many other features. If you are that player who still wants to experience this, then visit Coral, William Hill or Ladbrokes.